The Perks of Being a Benefactress

Both of our children now have their three jars. About once a year, sometimes more frequently, we count out their “Giving” jars and send the money to some worthy organization.

Lest you think they are unusually philanthropic, this is currently a required part of our household allowance system. Each of the children has asked, at some point, about not doing the “giving jar,” and I’ve said that’s fine, but you will just get 1/3 less allowance. That stopped right quick.

Last winter, Silas decided to give his money, around $175, to Mennonite Central Committee, to help refugee families in Syria and Iraq. Someone from our church was actually working in Iraq with this project at the time, and she very sweetly sent him a note with some pictures of people his money went to help, however indirectly.

Petra decided to give her jar of quarters, around $90, to Explore More, our local children’s museum. The museum ended up getting in touch with us and asking if Petra would like to have a playdate in the then-unopened-to-the-public second floor. She was thrilled! So we invited Violet and Jack, and the kids got to break in all the shiny new stuff. I’ve heard that the museum has actually modified a few things because of items the kids came dangerously close to breaking…

I do think it’s kind of lovely that one of my children contributed to the beginning of the campaign to open this floor, and the other contributed to its successful conclusion. They each got a private experience in the space, although Petra’s was definitely more fun.

And now the second floor is open for anyone!


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