Petra’s chicken, Pickens (the name is P for Petra + ickens for chicken) decided to sit on a few eggs this month. We didn’t think much would come of it. She wasn’t as committed as we’d heard broody hens should be–on warm days, she’d wander off of them for an alarmingly long time. She’s a Golden Comet (a specific variety of the Rhode Island Red), and they’re not known for being good mothers. Still, we marked the date on our calendar and decided to let her give it a try.

When we came home from church, after a weekend of PokemonGo all over Kennywood, imagine my surprise to see little Peepachu cuddled up beside the mama!

Pickens is still sitting on one more of the remaining eggs–she destroyed one and pushed another out of the nest–so we may have another baby. But for now, one chick is a great excitement! We’ve never successfully hatched out baby poultry before, in all our years of keeping chickens and ducks.


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