What gets done when the goats are contained…


What people say when I tell them, “We have a couple of bad goats” is invariably, “All goats are bad.”

We spent every hour that it wasn’t raining during the month of May attempting to improve our goat fence. As it currently stands, it has five strands of electrified wire, and is (fingers crossed) keeping them inside!

Having the goats contained was the item at the bottom of every project. To stain the porch, we need to clean it first, but there’s no point in cleaning it until the goats are contained. To put the baby chicks out, we need to fix up the coop and put the fence back together, but the goats will just knock it down and laugh at us. etc. etc.

We’re even finally digging a little pond. Hard to dig with goats butting up against us constantly.

Next up: addressing the gardens, improving the forest play space, and buffing the goat hoof scratches out of the car!

I find that I rather like the goats, now that they are not wandering all over.


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  1. June 10, 2016

    Congratulations on getting them under control! Cute pictures 🙂

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