St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Winchester

41-DSC_7241We went to a St. Patrick’s Day festival sponsored by Old Town Winchester, and it was super fun. It raised some money for Habitat, which is so great. Gary was MCing some of the events, of which there were a number.

As usual, Gary ran into people he knew everywhere, showed off his spin jammers, and generally entertained people.

His friend (who I think is his partner from Win Life TV?) was video taping stuff everywhere. He looked like he was both happy and stressed out, a feeling I know all too well…


The kids were super excited about a leprechaun scavenger hunt in downtown businesses. They loved searching the stores for the leprechaun signs. And Petra ended up winning!

Next stop on the hunt.
Next stop on the hunt.

Gary’s friend Susie the Clown was making balloon things. Petra got a leprechaun hat (with beard) and Silas got a leprechaun doll thing. They were super thrilled with the whole thing. Petra, particularly, thought her hat was hilarious.

Cute kids abounded, mine and otherwise.

My kids refused to wear green for the holiday, but Petra consented to have her hair rainbowed, so that was thematic enough.


And while I had the hair chalk out…


It was almost as good as this goth leprechaun, who was kind of a highlight.


We were also super excited about the juggling leprechaun. He seemed to be everywhere at once. The kids were totally fascinated with him. He was pretty good. He told Gary this was his first professional gig, but I would never have known!

They had some games set up for the kids, too. Petra and Silas didn’t get to play them much, but they enjoyed watching the bigger kids get into them.


We saw some Irish dancers. Too cute! There were these adorable little girls who did a ceilidh and some bigger kids. Silas and Petra both adored them. Petra especially was fascinated.


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