Sweet and Easy Christmas Gift

I made cards with Petra’s watercolors, as gifts for her grandmas. It came out SO WELL. Highly recommend.

I bought a big pack of blank cards and envelopes from JoAnn Fabrics (apparently they mostly sell things besides fabrics, these days. Who knew? Also, they aren’t paying me, I just wanted you to know where you can get them). Then I cut a 3×5 window in a piece of paper and held it up to Petra’s paintings, of which I have many saved away, and found a piece of the painting that could be excerpted. I traced the inside of the rectangle, cut it out, and glued it to the card. Then I asked Petra what the title was, or made one up if she didn’t remember.

Boom, done. And everyone loved them.

Here are the few I managed to photograph.

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