Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

About a month ago, JC needed to visit his employer’s offices in Pennsylvania. The kids and I tagged along, because I wanted to take them to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. I had taken Silas there as a baby, but he was awfully small. This time, both he and Petra had an amazing time. I only wish we could have stayed longer!

Our favorite section, by far, was the water room. There were giant water wheels, big fountain things with pipes the kids could move, a micro river, a water painting wall, a cyclone in a jar, and I don’t even know what else. They had a great time, and got soaking wet.

Another room we liked was about simple machines and physics, but it had the theme of auto mechanic stuff…it looked like a garage. Petra enjoyed pretending to drive, and Silas loved this thing where he used a pulley to move a ball all the way up to the highest bit of the ceiling, and then released it down a track that wound all over the room.

Silas’ favorite thing was a special exhibit about Tet, the lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam. They had a lion dance costume suspended so that a kid could get into it and pretend to be a lion dancer. Well. Here’s a video. Silas has a new life goal.

Petra, meanwhile, loved the sweet Vespa they had in there.


We enjoyed many other exhibits, including the light/sand table that I remember Silas loving last time, and the … ahem…. “mechanical cow,” which eats and poops balls, and you can see it process the balls through its various stomachs.

Mechanical cow not withstanding, if you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area with a child under about 12, this is a great stop. Fun for all ages.


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