The Robe

The kids complain every morning about being cold when they get out of bed. So I made them matching robes. Which they refused to wear.

One day, I said to Silas, “I want to put your robe in my etsy shop so I can sell them since it hasn’t ever been worn, and I can use the money to buy fabric to make a robe you might like better. I just need you to pose for some pictures so I can put them in my shop.”

Okay, he says.

Oh, now guess who never wants to take the robe off, and is astonished that I would consider selling it?

For what it’s worth, Petra still refuses to wear hers, but I can’t actually sell that one in the shop because it has one piece that was cut backward so it’s a “second,” at best. This is not why she won’t wear it. But if you’d like to buy a custom one, I did end up listing them!


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