Silas’ Special Birthday Presents

Last post about Silas’ birthday, I promise. It was just kind of epic.

Silas got two very special “big boy” presents for his birthday.

Present #1: His very own library card. It’s a big responsibility, and he understands that. I’m super excited for him.

Present #2: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the American Shakespeare Center, in Staunton.

A month or so ago, Silas read Magic Treehouse #25: Stage Fright on a Summer Night, which features the original production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He wanted to know more about the play, so I got him a book about it from the library. Because he was so into it, JC and I decided to take him to see it at the ASC. One of his birthday presents was a graphic novel based on the play. He brought it along and Rick Blunt, on of my grad school colleagues, who played Puck, signed it. Silas is technically younger than the minimum age for a show at ASC, so I told him that, if anyone asked him how old he was, he should say, “I’m old enough to sit quietly and watch a play.” For the most part, he did sit through it, although he got wiggly toward the end. The production was a solid one, and the story was easy to follow, even for a five-year-old.

I got a little teary, being in that space with my son. I went to grad school there, met many of my favorite people there, and performed on that stage a few times. The space meant so much to me, and sharing something that I loved that much with someone I love that much was a little overwhelming. It was a perfect present, for both of us.


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