Beach Bums

I took Silas and Petra to Long Island a few weeks ago to visit my Granny. We hadn’t been to the beach this summer, and hadn’t seen Granny in a while. The trip was great, overall, although the drives were…challenging. Silas could do an eight-hour car trip with just a stack of coloring books and some books on CD. Petra is still…not-quite-three. So that’s challenging. As was the case last summer, she likes to play “the girl who cried potty” on big trips. It takes longer that way.

On the way up, we visited my cousin (at some complicated remove) Sarah, who I haven’t seen since I was about 14. Since then, we’ve both grown up, gotten married, and had kids (she has four!). We stopped for a picnic at a park near her house, and I got to meet all of her lovely children. They were so sweet–polite, but tons of personality. Her daughter took my kids by the hand when they were done eating and led them to the playground, where she played with them for a long time while Sarah and I talked. My only regret about the whole thing is that I didn’t get any pictures of them together.

At Granny’s, we pretty much just went to the beach and the playground. The kids loved it, although Petra was frightened by the (tiny!) waves on Long Island Sound.


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