Meeting JJ

We finally got to meet baby JJ!

I posted about him back in January–he was born at 23 weeks’ gestation. He weighed just over a pound! After spending several months in the hospital, he came home on Mother’s Day weekend, and he’s doing really well. He weighs ten times what he did at birth, and is eating like champ. He’s still on some low-flow oxygen, but I think he’ll be off that pretty soon. The fact that a person can survive after getting barely half of the normal gestation is completely mindblowing. But he’s doing well, and looking great.

Although JC went to meet him when he was two weeks old, the kids and I hadn’t had a chance yet. It’s trick to find a free weekend when *none* of us have even the tiniest bit of sniffles. If JJ gets any kind of infection at all, it’s back to the NICU for them, so we’re being super careful.

So he’s six months old today, and we got down there, at last. He’s a very happy, friendly guy. Big sister Olivia adores him. My kids were excited about him, but were much more excited about seeing Olivia. These pictures are from the only time the whole day when they held JJ (as opposed to when we visited Elora, who only has a dog for added entertainment–there, they were constantly asking to hold her).

So this is 80% of my in-laws’ grandkids. We’re hoping to get a picture with all five in August!


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