Disney, Part 3: The best part

One last post about Disney. I’ve got a lot of blog to catch up on!

She just wanted to ride with Poppy that day.

The best part of our time at Disney was definitely getting to hang out with family. The kids love spending time with their aunts and uncles, and, of course, Marmee and Poppy. We’re so lucky to have a fun family, and grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them. That alone was worth it. When JC and I first were getting to know each other, back in middle school, I loved his family. They were always doing things together, and he and his older sister were best friends. People warned me when I got married that, “when you marry a man, you marry his family.” I felt like that was a pretty good bargain at the time, and still do.

I didn’t take most or all of these photos, but I’m so fuzzy on the details now, I couldn’t exactly say who did. Katie and Kassi, mostly, except the ones I took.

As much as the kids loved the Disney experience, they also had a great time just hanging out, watching movies, and playing in the pool. Silas even got pretty confident in the water. He’s well on his way to learning to swim! If only I didn’t kind of hate going to the pool, he’d be an awesome swimmer by now.

Just today, Silas was asking when we were going back. He wants to get another Mickey-head ice cream.



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