Silas' Hero Panel

The theme for our library’s summer reading program is “Every Hero Has a Story.” They put together a panel of young “heroes” for the kickoff. Including Silas, because of his donation to the museum. The whole thing continues to crack me up–I keep running into people who saw the shout-out the museum gave him in their latest newsletter–and I also feel like I should downplay it a bit. It was his giving jar. He was going to give it to some group or another. He didn’t exactly have a choice, because I set up and enforce his money management system (because he’s four).

And yet…

When the lady from the library called, I asked Silas if he wanted to do it. He said, “Can I wear a cape?”

…yes. Yes, you can.

Here’s the video I shot of him being interviewed by the librarian.

Check out the boy who was inspired by Silas’ donation about halfway through.

In case you missed it:


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  1. June 7, 2015

    Oh man this video is great! Petra is so cute in the background…”but I’m not!” ! Haha!

    • She didn’t understand why Silas got to be on the panel and she didn’t. Also, she was suuuuper tired.

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