This kid. I have no idea what she understands or thinks. Brotherface talks so much, she doesn’t get a word in edgewise. And when she does, I sometimes do a double-take. On the last day we were at Disney, we went to Epcot. When we came out of the Journey to Your Imagination ride, we had to exit through a gift shop. She had already spent most of her money, so I was trying to hustle her through. She picked up a tiiiiny Figment toy.

In case it’s been a while, this is Figment.

Because it was so small, I thought, mayyyybe it would be within her price range. I flipped the tag over. It was $8. She had about $4. I said, “Nope, this costs twice as much money as you have.” Without missing a beat, she said, “So could I buy half of one?” I don’t know whether she just got lucky, or if she actually understood what she said. She was counting by 2’s the next day, so… maybe? But she still gets confused if she’s counting objects over 8 or so. I have no idea with this girl…

She also didn’t like how all the “cast members” at Magic Kingdom called the little girls “princess.” So she started saying, “I’m not a princess. I’m Stinky Pete the Pirate Princess!” Unfortunately, I don’t think any of them understood her 2-year-old babble voice.


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