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So, a while ago, Silas’ giving jar reached the point where it was time to give it to somebody. We discussed a few options, and he ended up choosing the Explore More museum. So, as part of a regular visit, we passed along $28 in crumpled bills and quarters. And that would have been it…

Except that the museum folks went nuts over it.

I got a call the next day from the museum’s director, inviting us to come back and get a tour of the upstairs space they’re working on. Oh, and she wanted to see if she could get the paper to send somebody.

And… well, that’s what happened.

In some ways, it was a bit silly–they treated him like a tiny celebrity. They gave him a t-shirt, and everyone he saw made such a fuss over his gift.

And in other ways, it was (not going to lie) AWESOME. I’m a museum nerd, and so it was a real treat to follow my son up the forbidden steps to the second story and see the life-sized posters of the exhibits they’re hoping to open when they finish their latest funding push. Silas was impressed with the pictures, although I’m not sure he understood that they represented physical exhibits he may one day enjoy. He loved that we could go in the “treehouse,” which we always can see from the lobby, but can’t get into.

I was so happy that his first donation was a very positive experience for him. I want him to grow up with a sense of the responsibility to give back to his community and to help other people. Although I had originally planned on having him donate the money to our church’s fall “Penny Power” fundraiser for Mennonite Central Committee, I’m glad I rethought that. After all, money goes to church –> MCC –> some people in some foreign land who have a problem he doesn’t understand and won’t get to see, is way less concrete than, money goes to museum he visits weekly –> turns into exhibits he will touch.

BUT I still feel a little silly about it. It’s $28, and they treated him like a Carnegie.

And just when I thought it was over with, I got an email from the library asking if Silas would like to participate in a panel of “local heroes of all ages.” I asked him. He said, “Can I wear a cape?” So…we’re doing that.


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  1. April 10, 2015

    Oh.. I so LOVE that!!!! I am so proud of him..and his awesome parents!

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