The Skeptic and the Philosopher

 "We're moving house, so we brought our books and art. This is our boat."
“We’re moving house, so we brought our books and art. This is our boat.”

Silas is in a phase right now where he’s putting together a lot of pieces about the world, and he’s so excited to share his new discoveries with Petra. She just shuts him down, every time. It doesn’t matter what he says. She’s just contrary.

Silas: Petra, you are made of meat. Your whole body is meat.
Petra: No, I not meat. I a statue. I a statue until the magic happens.
PS I have told her the story of The Winter’s Tale only a couple of times and not at all recently.

Silas: Petra, God is all around you. God is in YOU, Petra. God is everywhere!
Petra: No. God not in my bed.

Silas has also been cracking us up because he’s trying to figure out the difference between sleeping and being awake.
My eyes are open when I’m sleeping.
No, they are not. I’ve seen you sleep. Your eyes are closed.
But I see things!
You see your dreams.
But sometimes I’m awake when I’m asleep. And other times, I’m awake when I’m awake. and sometimes I sleep when I’m awake…

And then there’s the tale of “Stinky Pete,” a baby-diaper-related nickname that… has staying power.

Petra, pretty soon, you’ll be a big girl and never have any accidents, and then we won’t call you “Stinky Pete” anymore.
But I want to be Stinky Pete the Pirate Princess!
A few days ago, a parent at Silas’ preschool pick-up time spent at least five minutes talking to Petra, and trying to get her to say her name. She finally introduced herself as “Stinky Pete the Pirate Princess,” and the guy looked at me like, “Was that really what she just said?”


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