Weekend Reading

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about how to talk with my kids about race (and should really do a post on that soon). I appreciated this resource, from (oddly) LifeHacker.
  • Punching things is almost never a solution to your problems. Except when they are literally priceless and then, you’ve got to admit, this guy has a PhD in catharsis.
  • It’s been a long, weird winter, so what we all really need is an infographic about The Iliad, right? Right. (Side note: I can’t think about The Iliad without remembering my granny’s neighbor, Dr. Ilona, who gave me an “easy reader” version when I was seven, and then used it as a memory guide to recite long portions of it to me over tea on her antique couch. She was from Hungary, and taught at the local university. She was probably about 70 at the time, and my goal was–and is–to be that awesome when I’m an old lady).
  • We just did our taxes, and I made a half a joke about how much I should credit myself for providing full-time child care (and working roughly 70% time). The Times beat us to that discussion with an interesting round table.
  • Fabulous article on being a working ballerina and breast-feeding mom. LOVE.


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