True story:
I asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween.
Silas said, “I want to be a knight in shining armor.” He turned to Petra. “And you can be a princess, and I’ll save you.”
Petra said, “I no be pincess. I be dagon. RAAAAAR.”


And that is what they were (I should note, that after she saw my production of Cinderella, she said maybe she’d be a princess after all…but as that was mere days before Halloween, I convinced her that “dragon princess” was an acceptable costume.

The armor was a gift from “Marmee,” JC’s mom.


I made his cloak out of some fabric I had in the stash. (I sell those in the shop, too!)

Petra’s costume was less…elaborate. A hand-me-down thrift store dragon, which had lost its official head, plus a funny hat from Busch Gardens. The cobbler’s children, etc…but she loved it, so who cares?

We trick-or-treated with Lillian and Arthur’s family. Unlike us, they live in a real neighborhood, where they can go from one house to the next without much of a hike.


Buzz Lightyear did not want to be in the picture. Actually, he was pretty anti-Halloween until he figured out that people were passing out candy. Then he got with the program. He even howled at the moon, which added to the atmosphere.



The fairy, though, had it all under control. She is old enough now that she understands the program.

Other random things: We saw people driving their children from house to house. Not parking at one end of the block and letting them go down the block, oh no. Actually driving them the few yards from one house to the next. With their high beams on the whole time. Which was obnoxious. Who does that?

Silas insisted that he had to have a paper bag for trick-or-treating, not any other kind of bag. I can only assume he saw this in a book or a movie.


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