Lavender Farm

We visited the Lavender Farm with Noah and his mom, as well as Chen, our Chinese “Friendship Scholar” (we’re her “friendship family”). It is really the perfect little fall outing for small children. The shop smells lovely, and then there’s all the lavender to touch in the fields…and lots of animals, many of them friendly and pettable. We met rabbits (in the “rabbitat”), sheep, alpacas, miniature horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and two turkeys who had been presidentially pardoned (true story!).

They have lots of areas for exploration and some nice picnic spots. Got toddlers? Check this out.

A word or two about Chen–as I may have mentioned in the past (ha), Silas is very interested in China. Very. Very. Interested. Last year, a colleague at a local university sent out an email looking for people to be “friendship families” with visiting Chinese scholars. We met up with Lily, who was in Harrisonburg for that whole academic year. She came to our house, taught us to make jiaozi, and doted on my kids. When the call went out this year for people to befriend visitors from China once more, I responded immediately. That is how we met Chen. She’s only here for the semester. 🙁 We adore her! The kids are completely taken with her. They’ve been practicing saying “Ni hao, Miss Chen!”

She’s lovely, and I especially like that she talks to the kids like they are humans. So many people don’t do that, and it bothers me.

Oh, and same lavender farm, two years earlier…


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