Puppy Kisses



A family at our church had some beagle-mix puppies recently. The mom said, “They’ve gotten more visitors than any of my babies ever did!” and we just had to join the parade.



Both kids loved the puppies (how could you not?), but Petra clearly has some serious animal magnetism. The puppies just adored her, and she was completely in heaven.



Puppies always catch me by surprise. I can be with a puppy and forget all the whining, the chewing, the accidents, the mess, the training, the teen stage…and just fall in love. I am not like this with human babies, fyi. They give me flashbacks (although Ender’s puppy year was pretty intense).



I went in knowing, knowing that we have no business getting another dog. Ender is more than enough dog for us, thankyouverymuch.



But I have to admit, seeing my kids covered in eight puppies was almost more than I could handle.


This is the face they made when one of the boys at the puppies’ house brought over another armload.

They were just balls of unadulterated joy (all 10 of them).


In the end, sanity prevailed, and we left with nothing but pictures.

I hear there are five left…if anyone is looking to add a dog.


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