Bunny Sword

For Easter, Silas asked for a “bunny sword.” I was like, “That is not a thing.”


But JC + the Internet = win! Unfortunately, it was backordered, so he had to wait a long time to get it.

Fortunately, he loves the thing.


It was made as a souvenir for the Year of the Rabbit, but since that’s past and won’t come around again for a decade, the sword was pretty cheap. And it’s just his size!

I am not suuuuuper comfortable with weapons-related play, but there’s not any real evidence that violence in adulthood comes from violent play as a child (the jury is sort of out on video games. I’m talking about meatspace play with physical objects). If anything, playing at violence might actually help children process the violent culture around us. My attitudes on it are evolving, I would say. I am still very, very uncomfortable with realistic toy guys. JC has some GI Joes from his childhood collection that I’m not so excited about him sharing with the kids. But I sure love Super Soakers and Nerf guns. We’re very clear with Silas that if he actually touches any other person with his sword, it will go in time out for a long long time  (I also should note that it is not sharp at all). As a result, he mostly just looks like he’s doing tai chi when he’s playing with it.



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