Playing together


I adore the fact that Petra and Silas are really playing together these days. It’s THE BEST.

I just wish they’d do it more.

Silas is usually the director, but Petra holds her own. He loves to reenact plays they’ve seen. Most recently, we saw Frog and Toad All Year at the JMU Children’s Playshop. It was very well done. The actors had total commitment to what they were doing–no cheesy self-conscious “we’re doing a stupid kid show” stuff at all.

Silas has since, quite frequently, acted out scenes from the play (complete with songs). He’s usually Frog, which necessitates wearing his frog boots and carrying his frog umbrella. Petra gets to be Toad. She wears her boots because Silas is wearing his.

3-DSC_6574 4-DSC_6625

One morning, Silas packed a suitcase, informed me they were going to Africa, and took Petra outside. When I peeked in quite a while later, they were perched on the picnic table, which was some kind of boat, and Silas was narrating the wildlife they were passing. “Oh, there’s a hippopotamus. He’ll be our friend. Look out for the crocodile!”

Petra was just saying, “Africa! Africa! Africa!” in response to his narration.

The African Queen
The African Queen

Sometimes, Silas will inform me that he and Petra want to play without me. It’s kind of fun to feel so unwelcome. Even if it’s coming straight from some serious toddler attitude.

What are you even doing here, Mama? Get lost!



I love their happy faces. I hope they’ll always be friends.





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