Babies wearing babies

Petra is nearly one-and-a-half, which is a simultaneously frustrating and magical age. She does so many things that are more “little kid” than “big baby,” and everyday, she surprises me with her new connections.

The other day, she brought the Big Brother Mei Tai and her favorite doll and indicated that she wanted me to help her wear her baby.

She then became a whirl of activity, toting baby clothes back and forth, wiping her little table, fetching bottles. I guess she knows that strapping her to my body is the only way I get anything done…and I have to move fast because she gets bored quickly.

I love how she looks absolutely like a tired new mom in this picture. Of course, I’d be tired, too, if I had three (at least?) babies in my arms!

All of this, it turns out, was just preparation for meeting our friends’ twin baby girls. Petra is quite excited about babies lately. She was chanting “baby baby baby baby” as we walked up to a home of some friends who have a young baby. Imagine her delight to find a house that had two!

Petra, JC, and baby Sallie


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