I love going for walks with Silas. Even though it takes FOR. EV. ER. to get to the mailbox and back…He notices things, and talks about everything, and I love it.

He’s learned (the hard way) exactly how far to stay away from the cow fence.

He asks me about the cows, and talks to them (“Thank you for giving us your milk, cow!”). He points out squirrels and birds.

Out for adventure

Ender comes along, and the two of them are becoming good friends. Silas always wants to see what Ender is digging up. He hopes it’s a vole, because those are funny and they run.

I don’t know if you can imagine a three-year-old talking in a David Attenborough voice, but try. “Look at the little tiny corn! In the summer it will be bigger than Daddy!” (it’s not actually corn, just some ground cover they put down to hold the soil).

I’m glad I’ve been able to convince him to go out for walks again. He went through a long phase of refusing. I was both frustrated and concerned about this, but, from talking with other moms of his peers, it’s not uncommon. Some of my friends who have older children told me that they remembered each of theirs going through that, and that gave me some comfort, as their children practically live outside now.

See? He’s having fun outside!

Of course, all of this progress was right before the couple of days when the temperature hit the single digits. He’s barely been out all this week; the cold has been just brutal. I hope this doesn’t put us back where we started.

He reminds me of that kid from “Seven UP” who lived on the farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

I hope we’re able to play outside more soon, because…

We have another little explorer ready to head out! She can walk all the way to the neighbors’ house (about half a mile) under her own power. She keeps trying it, which is a little distressing…


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