Happiness is Handmade

In the past few years, both we and many of our family members have been moving toward giving each other more hand-made things. I wanted to show off just a few of those lovely home-crafted gifts, because they are just delightful.

My mother-in-law, in addition to making place mats, napkins, and kitchen towels for all of us, also made these gorgeous quilts for each of her grandchildren (the other grandchild’s quilt is a butterfly; I didn’t get a picture of that).

A flower for Petra
A giant owl for Silas

They’re very warm and cuddly. I was curious about the method of construction, so I’ll describe it for you, in case you are. Each piece has a top, bottom, and inner layer (fleece). They are quilted as a unit, and then assembled. This side has lots of fluffy raw edges–that’s what you see in between the pieces. The other side is mostly smooth. The kids love to play with that texture.

She also made Petra a rag doll using pieces of fabric from both quilts, but I didn’t get a picture of that just yet.

Kassi made nesting dolls of our family, and I LOVE them.

JC has a D20, I have comedy and tragedy masks, Silas has a cardinal.

My favorite one is Petra–Kassi has her holding her little white bunny.

I think the bunny was Katie’s idea. Both the idea and the execution are *perfect*.

When people asked what the children needed for Christmas, I said, “bookshelves!” I wasn’t kidding. They have so many books. And as we went from one set of grandparents to the next, people kept giving them books. We love books, but I was starting to wonder where we would put them all!

Then, at the last stop, my step-mom unveiled these shelves, which she painted just for them.

They love them. Silas especially loves to trace his name over and over.

Thank you all for your time and talents!


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