Little Chefs

Petra and Silas, on the days when they are both not hungry, tired, teething, or sick, play rather sweetly together. Now that Petra has begun the adjustment to bipedal motion, Silas has basically decided that, in his words, “We don’t have any babies anymore.” He talks to her like a person and tries to negotiate, even.

I am thrilled to see their relationship develop. She wants to do everything he does, of course–whether it’s singing (she even does the hand motions he does!) or drawing or walking. Lately, she’s been inviting him to play  “kitchen” with her. It’s something they can do in parallel, together.

A man, a pan, a plan…pancakes!

Silas is pretty elaborate about it, describing the phases of the cooking process, what he’s making, etc. Petra, being less verbal, doesn’t tell us as much of what is going on in her head. She’s either imitating us cooking or imitating Silas imitating us cooking. I’m not sure which, and it probably doesn’t matter.

When he goes to “school,” Silas often asks if Petra can come, too. Tonight, when I was tucking them in, they wouldn’t stop giving each other “just one more kiss.”

Petra has started crying if Silas is upset. She has such deep empathy for him. This makes his episodes even worse, but I love that she feels so connected to him.

I know someday they will be big and this will not be how they relate anymore, but it is so sweet right now.

“Careful. Plate is hot.”


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