Petra is a year old!

That face!!

What a long, strange year it has been.

I can hardly believe that I saw that face for the first time a year ago. Women told me, when I was pregnant with Silas, that I would feel like I recognized him when he was born. Instead, I felt like, “Who are you?” It was deeply disorienting. With Petra, I got that experience of knowing this person and knowing immediately that she was ours.


Kassi recently asked if we are done having children. I think what I thought the second I saw Petra’s eyes lock into mine–my family is complete. We have assembled the team.

A good eater!

We are so blessed with this beautiful, healthy, brilliant baby girl. Her disposition continues to be sunny and mellow. She’s funny–she even makes odd baby jokes, already.

Brother is bored, waiting for Petra to finish eating so she can open her presents.

I get choked up just thinking about her. What a lovely child she is.

Using a cup, like a big kid.

She adores Silas, of course, and will follow him anywhere. He is a great big brother. Watching their relationship grow has been the most beautiful part of this year.

Time to see what’s inside.

We had a low-key birthday celebration. Pancakes and presents for breakfast. A little candle, a little song. An ordinary day.

Opening the Noah’s Ark book Silas picked out for her (I asked if he wanted to get her a toy, and he said, “No. She likes books.” And she does!)

But also, extraordinary.

Her own sock monkey!

Petra at 1:

Signs a lot–“eat,” “more,” sometimes “potty.” Blows kisses. Waves “bye-bye” backward.

With Silas and the dolly I got her.

Says a few words–“mama,” “dada,” “cat” (four-legged animal), “quack” (poultry, all kinds), “book,” “ball,” “dolly,” “Bri” (Brian, her bunny)

In an ideal universe, I would want all of my children’s toys to be Waldorf-y and open-ended and made of organic wool and fairy spit, but there is something about this age where babies are very interested in these dolls that look like people. At Silas’ age, yes, Waldorf dolls are perfect. Petra isn’t doing imaginative play yet–she just wants a doll that will hold still and let her touch its face. Silas went through this phase at the same age, and my mom got him “Bobby,” a little tiny vinyl doll.

Weighs about 19 lbs. I’m not sure how tall she is. She’s too wiggly to measure.

Nicknames: Peach, Sweet Pea, Petey, Stinky Pete (when she has a particularly impressive diaper).

I want my kids to have a wide range of ethnicities in their toys. They have friends of all different races, so why not toys? I’m picky, though, about the toys–it’s not enough to just change the skin color on the Anglo doll. I picked this one because it looks like a black baby–the nose is a different shape, the lips are fuller, and the “hair” (indentations in the vinyl head) is curly, not straight. Yes, I am the kind of person who notices these things.

Climbs the steps–FAST! Can’t come down.

Brings me books to read to her.

Silas, reading ABC is for Circus, which we got Petra for her birthday–because we’re going to see the Big Apple Circus in DC next week and I’m losing my mind with excitement!

Gives kisses to us and toys.

Has eight teeth!

Kissing new dolly

Is a strong, independent person who knows what she wants and won’t take anything else!

Can definitely understand simple sentences. Surprises me every day with how much she can do and how much she wants to do.

For anyone who wants a review, here’s my year of Petra gallery:


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