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Here is a combination of random thoughts and also your Weekend Reading (a little late).

Have you ever read an article and thought, “Wow, this person completely understands everything about my formative experiences”? That’s where I was with this article from Canadian Notes & Queries, on how school sucks for kids who love to read a lot. In the comments, a number of people accused the writer of inventing crazy incidents with reading-discouraging school people, and I read them and all I could think was, “NO THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO.”

Perhaps related: My mother got me this awesome shirt from Out of Print Clothing. They use the money from the shirts to give books to people in Africa. I can support that mission. Oh, and the shirt is fabulous. It helps me find my people, if you know what I mean.

Selfies are hard…my phone has only one camera, so this is the face I make when I’m looking at the phone display in the mirror to see if enough of my shirt is visible that you can tell what it is, but also enough of my face is visible that it isn’t a creepy human mannequin shot.

Is there a word for when you accelerate your laundry cycle so you can wear your latest favorite piece of clothing more frequently? Because that is where I am with this.

Here is an interesting view on the American gun control situation, as seen from the outside.

Speaking of seeing things from the outside, I sure hope I’m not as utterly awkward as I feel sometimes. For example. I was at the library with the children, and we met another mother with her little ones. I feel like I know the mom from somewhere–she’s modeled for Rstone, and I think we had a great conversation at Birth Circle once, years ago. Her daughter and Silas hit it off immediately. She and I had a great conversation. And then she was packing her kids up to leave because the baby needed his nap, and I said, “Well, I hope we run into each other again.”

She said, “Do you have a pen? I’ll give you my number. Maybe we could do a play date sometime.”

OH. Because this is how grownups make new friends. Yes. Here is my number. Thank you.

We did have a playdate. It was fun. Maybe we’ll have another one soon.

I’m such a dork.

Lastly, I was soooo excited about the movie adaptation of The Giver. SO excited. JEFF BRIDGES is playing the Giver, because everything is right with the world. But now this. I loathe the fact that they are aging the main characters and they’ll probably make it the world’s weirdest rom com. Someone brave, see it first and tell me if I will hate it, okay?


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