The Monkey King–Three Ways

I posted this to my facebook with the caption, “People keep saying I should wear makeup to look more professional. What do you think?”

Monkey King #1: I tried out the makeup on myself before Silas’ party, so I would be able to get it right and do it quickly when it was time for the big event.

I think this might have been the only picture we got…long story!

Monkey King #2: My stepdad, Gary, agreed to be “the Monkey King” for Silas’ China party. I’ll post more about that later. Silas was alternately fascinated, terrified, delighted, and disturbed. He cried a lot, but has asked pretty much daily whether the MK will return…

He’s saying something like “oooooo.”

Monkey King #3: I told Silas that I had face paint. He demanded a turn as the MK. He greatly enjoyed it, giving us completely bizarre “clues” and saying, “I’m going to steal all your peaches!”

Once the face paint was out, he decided that Petra needed to be a kitty.

I couldn’t get the mirror away from him. He walked around staring into it for probably 20 minutes.

His father’s child.


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