We went to the children’s museum today with Laura, Lillian, and Arthur. Although they got off ot a rough start, Silas and Lil played together pretty nicely. I think better than they have before.

When we got home, Silas offered the following advice on being a good friend:

The wonderful and amazing thing here is that he’s not just parroting things that I’ve said. He actually thinks for a minute when I ask him what he could do to make a friend feel better.

And the best part…when I ask him what happens when he snatches a toy from a friend, he does not say, “I have to go in time out,” which is sometimes true. Instead he says, “My friend will be sad.”

I’d say that’s pretty darn high on the Kohlberg pyramid. Good. I was kind of worried he’d be a little sociopath forever…

Is Silas respecting the social contract?


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