An Average Milker

One of my classic farm country stories is about how my neighbor K, on meeting Silas for the first time, asked me, and I quote, “Are you a good milker?”

Well, yesterday, I happened to ask her how much milk their farm produces each day. She told me around 10,000 pounds–about 6-8 gallons per cow.

I mentioned this to JC, and he asked how much milk I probably produce in a day. My best guess, based on days when I’ve had to pump for long stretches due to being away from Petra, was about 24 oz (3 cups). He started doing the math. A cow weighs about twenty times what I do. So, 3 cups x 20 = 60 cups, or 3.75 gallons.

“I’m half as efficient as a cow, then?”

He reminded me that they have twice as many mammary glands as I do.

I guess I’m a half-decent milker after all.


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