Have you heard of letterboxing? It’s kind of like geocaching, but instead of using a GPS, you follow clues. People hide a container with a card or notebook in it in some public space, and then post clues as to how to find it at Letterboxing.org . If you want to go on a treasure hunt, go to the website, pick a box to find, and follow the clues. When you find it, leave your mark in the notebook to say that you were there.

Often, the clues include tidbits about local history or wildlife. It’s edutainment.

We thought it would be fun to try it with Carlos this summer. He loved it. He loved puzzling out the clues, looking in and under things, the thrill of the chase.

Only one problem: The most recent letterboxes in the area are at least two years old. We’ve followed three hint trails only to reach the end and discover that new construction (like the replacement of the handicap-accessible ramp at the courthouse) had removed the boxes. It’s disappointing.

The other problem, which Carlos remarked on, is that the clues are mostly very dumb. Go to the blue sign. Turn left and walk to the fire hydrant. They aren’t even clues so much as lame instructions.

So we decided to hide our own letterbox. We made up clues that were kind of cryptic. The trail is, I think, not completely obvious. It starts in Morrison Park. Clues are here. Let me know if you find it! And please, take your kids out there and hide your own. We need some newer/better letterboxes around here.


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