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I mentioned some time ago that a neighbor had given us some ducks.

Petal and Nibbles (ducks up-center), Malia (chicken), Dabby (mostly white duck), and Kamikaze (other duck)

About a month ago, we decided to get some chickens, too. They eat ticks, and we’ve actually found some deer ticks (the ones that carry Lyme disease) around here this year. They also dig up the grass and fertilize the ground, part of our ongoing permaculture/”yarden” project. Eventually, they will start to lay eggs. Chickens are useful.

We have a rooster for the first time. He’s just learned how to crow. For a while, he sounded exactly like this, but now he sounds like a real rooster.

Chickens, left to right: Sasha, Moll Flanders, Mixer, and Sooster the Rooster

Ducks, on the other hand, are mostly for entertainment. We could, in theory, eat one, although I’ve heard that butchering ducks is a chore and a half. From time to time, we might get a duck egg, which are great for baking. They have more personality than chickens. Ducks are more like pets.

Ducks–source of amusement.

Silas is big enough to “help,” sort of. He likes throwing food into their pen and using the hose to fill up their water tub. Eventually, he’ll enjoy collecting eggs, too. He used to cuddle on the ducks when they were little, and he seems a bit offended that they aren’t as snuggly now that they are big.

Helper, helping.

So far, they’re doing well enough. ::knock wood:: We have a long-standing history of poultry disasters.


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