Christine sent Silas and Petra these awesome Matschhosen from Germany. I’m in love. Silas usually refuses to spend much time outdoors when it’s super wet, and we’re having a wet summer so far. These are fantastic, and let him play outside for a long time without getting uncomfortable.

They are waterproof (he could sit in a puddle without getting wet), and fabulously adjustable. These ones will fit him for years.

Christine says they are standard equipment for preschool children in Germany. They are so brilliant, I can understand why. What I want to know is, why are they not “a thing” here? I know Americans don’t generally let their children play outside, but, as a culture, we love gear of all kinds. We are aspirational shoppers–we shop as the people we wish we were, rather than the people we are. Someone could be making serious money selling these here. LL Bean has rain pants for toddlers, but they don’t come close to the German version. The best I’ve seen are just waterproof pants, but when we’re talking about little kids, who like to lie down on the ground and roll around and climb on things, the bib overall design protects so much more. Paired with a jacket, Silas stays totally dry wearing these. In regular pants, he’d be wet around his middle as his jacket rode up. These also have a lot of room to grow–very German, that way, in that there is a lot of attention to detail and thinking about how kids expand. There are snaps on the sides to change the waist measurement by 6″ or so, as well as the adjustment on the length of the bib straps (which are easy to adjust, but don’t work themselves loose).

There’s an old Norwegian saying: “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” I think this must be true, so I’ve been working on solving the clothing problem. These Matschhosen are a significant step along that path.

Helping take care of the new ducks and chickens–more on them another time.

Plus, they are cuuuuute. I haven’t gotten a picture of Petra wearing hers yet, but they are super-darling.


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