Family Time

We did lots of fun things in Baltimore, but the best was just getting to spend some time with our family. We didn’t have the hustle and pressure of Christmas, so we were able to just hang out a bit.

On the waterfront

We had a nice dinner together for Granny’s birthday, although it went late and I had to put the kids to bed before we did the cake. We lit a couple of candles the next day and sang to her again, because Silas had been practicing the “Happy Birthday” song.

Birthday dinner—note the decorations for Flag Day.
Hanging out in the garden of the “borrowed house.”

Silas was thrilled to get some special time with Aunt Jen and Uncle “Austin” [Alex…long story]. Having a few days together really helped them warm up to each other, even though Silas asked Alex to play “Rainbow Connection” every time he got the banjo out, and Alex refused (“It’s claw hammer!“)

Granny bought them matching “Curious George” coloring books. Silas was quite insistent on only using his own, not Alex’s.


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