Good Times

The reason for this is kind of a long story, but I ended up spending a couple of days in Columbia, MD, with the kids while JC was working*. It wasn’t my kind of place. I felt like Eeyore when people asked me how I liked it: “It’s a nice community…if you like nice communities.” Too planned, too sterile, too Stepford for my tastes. JC says that he learned about Columbia in his urban planning classes because it’s a completely planned city.

The kids enjoyed it, anyway. We visited a playground, a HUUUUGE mall (Silas says, “We’re being ‘mall rats,’ yes, Mama?” I, for one, had forgotten they made malls like that!), a library, and a beautiful nature center while JC was at the office.

In the evening, we got the best Chinese take-out I’ve ever had and ate it while streaming Sesame Street on Netflix. We were all so content, with bellies full of eggroll and the Muppet voices in the background, and all of us together. I couldn’t help but think how sad it is that Silas won’t remember how much fun we are all having. He’s only two-and-a-half. He seems to remember everything, really everything, right now, but I know that no one remembers being two. I guess we’ll just have to keep the good times rolling.


* Slightly more detailed version–he was working there temporarily, but isn’t anymore. So if you know anyone looking for a project manager, please let us know!


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    • June 20, 2013

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing that! The idea of “childhood amnesia” has always kind of bothered me.

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