Charm City

We recently spent several days in Baltimore for my Granny’s birthday (she just turned 39…for the 41st time!). None of my family lives there, but it was a good place to converge. Granny was able to get a direct flight from Long Island, and the drive wasn’t bad for the rest of us. We (Mom and Gary, that is–they treated for most of the trip, which we really appreciated!) rented a great house on Airbnb and spent our days exploring the city. We kept saying, “Who knew there was so much to do in Baltimore?”

As we were driving around, I spotted an official-looking plaque that read “Baltimore, Maryland: Greatest City on Earth.” That might have been overselling it a bit, but we really did have an amazing time there, and will go back again. In the meanwhile, I’m going to be posting photos from our trip over the next few days.


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