Weekend reading 6/15/13

The Wealthy Kids Are Alright: Chuck Collin, at The American Prospect, examines social mobility in America. Did you know that Canada now has three times the social mobility of the US?

Advice for College Grads from Two Sociologists: What does the data say about your personal pursuit of happiness? This quick read gives the summary.

Stop Entertaining Your Toddler: I always enjoy Janet Lansbury, although I don’t agree with her 100%. Her articles are always thought-provoking. This article is great because it gives me permission to just be present near Silas when he’s playing, and not necessarily engage in a thousand hours of “Then Chewer goes to Dark Fader’s house and they play hide-and-seek.”

What the State Birds Should Be: Have you ever thought about why your state bird/flower/animal/etc is what it is? Do you have a better idea? Nicholas Lund, at Slate, teaches us all why it is totally stupid that seven states have the cardinal, but none have a hawk. Related: Is anyone else bothered that WV has all the same state symbols as VA? Dogwood, cardinal, black bear, etc? Because it drives me crazy.

Dolphin-Assisted Birth: Look, I’m all for ladies giving birth in whatever way they see fit, but I agree with the blogger here that doing it in the presence of a frequently aggressive marine predator sounds kind of insane.


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