My mom and Gary got Silas a bird house that had birdseed all over the outside of it. It attracted bunches of birds, who picked the seeds off. Then, much to my surprise, a pair of chickadees showed up and started building a nest. They used some of Ender’s fur–I saw them flying in with tufts of it sticking out of their beaks.

Eventually, I heard little squeaks coming from the house–they sounded just like tiny rubber ducks. The parents flew back and forth, bringing food to the little ones.

Bringing the grub.

One day, I noticed that there were faces peering out of the hole–and I knew that the parents were out of the house.

I looked away for a moment, and looked back just in time to see the graceless tumble that was this chickadee’s first flight. He landed on the porch, where he took a few unsteady hops.

When I looked again, he had flown off, and the house is empty now. They provided quite a lot of excitement for us, but the best was the day they left the nest. Silas and I were both sad and awed to see them go.


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