A boy and his duck

Silas and Dabby

A week or so ago, the neighbor called and asked us if we would like some ducks.

We argued about it, but eventually I won and JC went up the road to get them (yes, you read that right). He came back with a box full of ducks and a grin.

So now we have four ducklings in a box in the bathroom. Silas is learning about feeding them and handling them gently. He’s taken a shine to this particular one, whom he immediately named “Dabby,” as in “Dabby is my duck and I will pet her and take her for walks.”

The other three are all just called “Dabby’s brothers and sisters,” or just “the brothers.”

Ender is a little scared of them. Lyra doesn’t seem to notice them at all. Petra just waves her hands and squeals when she sees them, but she’s not gentle enough to touch them much.

People keep asking  me what we do with the ducks. Are they for meat, eggs, what? They might lay some eggs. Maybe we will eat one at some point, if the raccoons don’t get to them first. They eat slugs and other creepycrawlies, which is nice.

But around here, the real answer to the question, What do you do with ducks? is Enjoy them!


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