Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

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A few weeks ago, I got a message from an Etsy customer, asking if I did wrap conversion mei tais. I hadn’t ever tried one before (and I told her so), but it didn’t seem that difficult. I told her I’d love to try it, so she placed an order, and this is how I found myself taking scissors to a $125 piece of fabric (that’s about $25/yard…more than I ever pay for fabric. This is even more expensive than my wedding dress silk!).

The fabric was beautiful and felt good on my hands as I worked with it. It was soft and lightweight, but strong. So. Gorgeous.

Wide straps distribute the weight.

The point of a wrap conversion mei tai is that it offers the comfort of a wrap with the ease of a mei tai. Woven wraps can be intimidating–this one was almost 5 yards long, which is a ton of fabric to handle. The mei tai simplifies the fabric significantly.

The wrap came out perfectly. I was nervous about messing it up–there was very little room for error–so I did my math four times and measured everything over and over again. I wore Petra in it to try it out, and it felt so comfortable. I might even like it better than the Ergo (sacrilege!). Now I’m sorely tempted to buy myself a wrap just to cut it up (kidding. I don’t exactly have the disposable income right now, and also Petra is nearly seven months old and will soon grow out of the constant wearing–but if I thought I were going to have another baby, I totally would!).

I loved it so much that I have added it as an item on the Etsy shop.

The customer also requested a hood, so I have listed that as an add-on for any of my custom mei tais.

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