The Library

Silas has started informing us that he is going “up to the stairs to read in my library.” And he does. This is the landing at the top of the steps, where we have several bookshelves.

Sometimes he stays there for an hour at a time. He ends up with all the books on the floor, but they’re easy enough to put back. This compulsiveness reminds me of his compulsive coloring stage. Maybe he’s going through some kind of sensitive period for books.

I remember “playing library” as a kid, but I was much older than Silas. It was an excuse to tell my little brother that he had to be quiet. I was the librarian, of course.

The other day, when it was time to go to bed (and to leave “the library”), I heard Silas on the monitor shrieking, “I WANT TO READ A BOOK!” over and over. All I could think was, “That’s my boy!” 🙂


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