Petra is 35!

…April Fool.

But, seriously, she’s six months old.

I’m noticing, at this age, a very sudden development of her will. It’s some combination of being able to reach for a particular thing and actually grab it and object permanence. She fusses if we take away something that’s not safe for her, and sometimes refuses to be distracted with another thing. Silas hit this at around the same point. It would be annoying, except that it is so cognitively interesting. When you think about all the bits that have to line up in order for a person to think of something–something that may not be within reach or even in sight–and want it, and sustain that thought long enough to get it…wow. Petra is there.

The other big cognitive development this month is separation anxiety. She’s coming to it early. All the baby websites list the range as “six to eighteen months,” which is just so helpful. She fusses if I leave the room for a minute. Even JC isn’t good enough, some days. It’s been kind of hard.

She’s teething pretty intensely right now. The rivers of drool are pretty unreal. I’m amazed at how her sweet disposition has continued through all that pain. She fusses a lot right now, but goes back to being very happy any time she has some relief from the pain. Her fussing is mostly not even crying, it’s more just vocalizing in a whiny way. I just feel bad for her, not even frustrated. Just sorry that I can’t fix it. The fun part is the way she noms on everything. It’s cute.

I think the funnel makes her look like a Christmas card angel.

I’ve had to hold her more than usual this month. She’s on the small side, luckily. We just had her checkup on Thursday. Both of my kids started right around the 50th percentile. Silas, in no time, jumped up to the 90th (for his first year–now he is below average). Petra is in the 10th. Everybody’s different, I guess. It does make her easier to carry. The doctor is not concerned about her growth, and she is otherwise very healthy.

Petra had her first stomach bug this month. Silas had his first, too, and passed it to her. It was just one of the many things that made March a tough month. The internet said to keep nursing and offer her some Pedialyte if she seemed dehydrated. I bought Pedialyte popsicles for Silas (yes, I know, dyes! artificial flavorings! sugar! I was sick, too, and in no mood to figure out the natural-living-nerd version of this). Petra saw me eating one and started squealing for it. I shared…Silas’ first food was organic sweet potato. Second kid…purple popsicle.

Great moments in parenting.

She’s been very interested in food, watching us eat, trying to grab stuff off our plates, for at least a month. When we went out for Mexican food, she grabbed a corn chip and started gumming it when we weren’t looking. She was quite pleased with herself.

Baby-led weaning.

She’s sitting up all by herself now, and it’s changing the way she plays. She has a different perspective on the room. She can reach for things and look around. She and Silas are able to enjoy each other, to literally see eye-to-eye.

Petra is blissfully unaware of all the craziness this month has brought us, from our trip to West Virginia right at the beginning of the month to my jury duty summons that wrapped it up.

Visiting with Grandpa Walter

Silas is an emotional barometer for our family. Since his infancy, he has responded to and magnified every tension and every joy. Petra is more even-tempered, just along for the ride. I’m curious to see if she stays that way.


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