Update: Fall 2012

I had been debating whether to continue doing these updates now that I’m blogging more regularly. I decided to make this just a little round-up on the stuff that fell through the cracks, the things that didn’t warrant their own entry, but which I still wanted to remember.

Silas was really into:


The beginnings of imaginative play

Window markers (including writing some recognizable letters and shapes)

and letters (he can identify and provide at least one sound for all of them now).

He started to learn about (but still doesn’t quite get):

Cutting with scissors

Glitter (“The herpes of craft supplies,” as one friend described it)

Sorting work

Solo play (as soon as he gets to liking it, Petra will want to play with him all the time!)

We did some fall activities:

Jumping in the leaves

Carving pumpkins with Carlos

My cousin Jeff came out with his first book. Silas liked looking at the pictures.

We didn’t travel much this fall. That’s ok. We managed to have a good time anyway.

Silas loved going to the VA Mennonite Relief Sale–so many animals!

After a whole summer of waiting to be a family of four, this fall kind of flew by!

Sometimes I catch them holding hands.

We’re all getting used to it. I feel like my family is complete now.


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