La vita è bella

For the past several months–maybe something close to a year?–Silas and I have had a weekly playdate with two other families. Laura has a four-year-old girl (Lillian), and Bethany’s kids are four (Elisabeth) and one-and-a-half (James). Laura and I are both eagerly awaiting the births of our newest little ones, as well. We’re due a week apart.

Bethany says that the playdates might become more irregular after our new babies come, but I can’t imagine not making the effort to get together. We need this.

Silas seems to be a feeling a little off lately. The only three hours Silas has decided not to fuss in the past two days have been when we were with these friends.

Every now and then, I take my camera along for our play dates.

My photography doesn’t begin to capture them.

Sometimes, I look at my life, and I wonder, how did it all get so beautiful?


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