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There are a handful of random things that I’ve found really fun/helpful with Silas. I just thought I’d mention them here so that, if you are someone I know in Real Life, and you happen to be tossing any of these things, you could maybe pass them to me instead.

Right at the moment, I can only think of two things in particular, but I’m sure I’ll be throwing more posts up there with this sort of request.

First of all, if you sew, can you save empty thread spools for us? I gave Silas a bunch of them, along with a pack of pipe cleaners, as a little birthday present. He played with it about as much as his “real” presents that day!

He’s been threading the pipe cleaners through the spools, making spool trucks, and generally having a good time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show him how to use them as stamps.

The other thing on my trash wishlist right now is those huge popcorn tins that you will get for Christmas. I do not want the popcorn. But if you happen to receive such a thing and empty it, can you pass it to me?

It’s the perfect thing for containing what we call “a million little pieces” toys. We use one for our cookie cutters, which Silas likes to play with. He can get the container, but he can’t open it by himself. He has to ask for help, and then I can say, “Sure, you can play with the cookie cutters…but first you have to put away ALL of your blocks.” He really is starting to get this idea, but I would love to be able to put his various block sets in similar containers. He doesn’t have to get my permission to get the blocks out, because they’re just in cardboard boxes, which he can open.

So do us a favor and do the planet a favor, if you have this sort of thing to spare, ok? Thanks!


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