Winnie the Pooh party–food

I am kicking myself for not grabbing a moment to get a picture of all the food for the party! The only one I have is of the cake. Arg.

Besides the cake, we also had veggies from Rabbit’s garden, rice pudding (as in, “What is the matter with Mary Jane?“), “Cottleston Pie” (really tiny spinach quiches–my sister’s idea. Thanks, Heather!), fruit salad, and little “haycorns” made from Nilla wafers stuck to Hershey’s kisses. This last item is not recommended; the size of the wafers vs. the size of the kisses was all wrong, and they looked like some sort of dada experiment rather than acorns. I kept having to explain it. I *did* print little excerpts from both of the poems that I referenced and stuck them along side the dishes so that they wouldn’t seem completely arbitrary. In any case, the rice pudding was very good, and I have to wonder what was the matter with that poor child, anyway.

For the birthday cake, I made a honey cake, which led me into the wild and wonderful world of Jewish food bloggers. I guess honey cake is to Rosh Hashanah what fruit cake is to Christmas: somehow, it’s still around, but people doubt that a good one is even possible. Well, the recipe I used was fantastic (I left out the whiskey, for the record). I’d highly recommend it. It was a big step up from last year’s sugar-free birthday cake. There’s a whole cup of honey in it!

One thing I didn’t think of until the moment it mattered–Silas hasn’t ever blown out a candle before! He didn’t know what to do. Luckily, two of our young guests stepped in to help. I guess we’ll have to practice before his next birthday.


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