Snips and Snails…

Not going to lie, I’ve lost track of what is paint, what is bruises, what is jelly…

where the bug bites end and the self-decoration begins.

I’m sure someone told me that this was what would happen with a little boy around, but I don’t think I really understood it until this summer.


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  1. […] Boys are gross. I try not to make too many gender-based stereotypes, and when Petra is bigger, I might just realize that toddlers are gross, but…wow. The gleeful, “Look, Mama! I have snot on my eyelid!” Leaking from everywhere…why is he drooling as well as snotting? I don’t know! On top of that, I have to fight with him every time I want him to wash his hands, and he won’t stay away from Petra. We missed our play date last week and kept him out of Sunday school, so he’s starved for human interaction–but I don’t want him sharing his germs with his friends. […]

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