Someone’s in the kitchen

Silas has suddenly made a huge jump in his ability to be useful around the kitchen. It used to be, I’d try to involve him in making cookies or something, and he’d pour the flour into the bowl as directed…and then scoop it out, onto the floor, and play with it. Not optimal.

Then, the other day, he scrambled his eggs for lunch, and mixed some peas into them–without spilling anything. He really listened to me when I told him that he shouldn’t eat the raw eggs, which he wanted to taste, and he occupied himself with organizing things in his cabinet while I did the actual cooking.

Yesterday, we went to an amazing potluck. I swear, everyone I know locally was there. Everyone. The Judy Chops played. Silas danced with his friends. I saw people I’ve been missing.

Anyway, I made some chocolate quinoa cupcakes to take to the shindig. I was planning to do some beautiful doily + powdered sugar topping thing, but they fell, so I asked JC to pick up some frosting on the way home. I frosted them, and then Silas did the sprinkles. Again, he really listened to my directions, just put them on the cupcakes (not on the floor, his hair, the dog, etc.), and didn’t spill many. He even seemed to be aware of areas that were lacking, and tried to make them even.

I love that concentration!

If I have time, I’m going to make him his own little apron for his birthday. He’s finally to the point where he can really join me in some of our food prep.


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  1. August 18, 2012

    I wasn’t at the party, sob.

    Kitchen Help that LISTENS is wonderful.

    • August 21, 2012

      I know, I was actually really surprised not to see you there. It was awesome; if he does it next year, you really should try to make it.

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