Preliteracy and Language notes

from an old notebook:

I think Silas read the other day. He was looking at Where’s Spot, and, when he got to the last page, he said, “Good boy, Stop.” He looked annoyed and frustrated, like when a puzzle piece doesn’t quite fit. He just kept saying it over and over. Finally, I said, “It’s ‘Spot.'” His face lit up and he said, “Good boy, Spot!” I thought he had the book memorized, but a textual inversion error isn’t something he would do if he wasn’t interpreting the letters.

Mom and Gary report that he read the letters off of a stop sign (not synthesizing the word, but saying “S! T! O! P!”).

Successfully uses the first person pronoun: “I said, ‘potty’!”

Recognizable sleep talking: “Crayon break. Daddy color green?”


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