Early Learning

From an old notebook:

Last week, Silas informed me that he had “two circles blocks, two arches blocks.” Later, we were watching some birds and I told him they were buzzards. “Two bastards,” he said. Then one more came. “Three bastards!”

He recognizes some letters–o, s, m, and (capital) D. He has also started drawing triangles and circles. He knows all the colors without going into weird ones like ocher or magenta.

He’s still an awful sleeper.

He sings bits of songs. Favorites are “Peace Like a River,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and the Doxology (which we sing before dinner sometimes). At the library the other day, I left Silas playing in the children’s section while I checked out. He was babbling to himself, but I wasn’t paying attention. Suddenly, I noticed that the librarian was giving me a funny look. “What is he saying?” she said. I tuned in. It was “HOOOOoly ghost! Holy Ghoooost!” over and over.

JC just got four ducklings, and Silas loves to take them water and say, “Good night, Baby Duck!” I’m not sure he understands at all about our impending human baby. The other day, he told me he had a baby in his tummy.

I’ve been taking him to rehearsals for Give Us Good, which has a lot of talk about monsters in it. Every time an actor says “monster,” Silas says, “Cookie Monster?!”


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